A large amount of water passed down the bridge since I last posted in this blog.

Suddenly I remembered I had this one, so I’m gonna use it.

Welcome to a new form of random weirdness


Welcome 2013

Yesterday my computer was stolen. I was feeling like 2013 was going to be the year for me and then my computer was stolen

I’ll try not to let these fuckers to ruin me, it’s still February

But oh God I miss it so much, I had so much written, so many programs, so much music. I can’t stop thinking of what I lost. My head is about to explode

I write your name every day

I write your name every day.

It’s a beautiful way of beginning it, although it will bring me to banal stuff I’ll have to go through, I smile and stuff gives that little and needed switch for me.

I write your name every single day, and believe me, it makes me better. I feel better. A happier person.

You inspire me, and so I decided to write your name every day.

I think one of my favorite English words is “random”. It sounds great and it goes so well with its meaning.

Another one I love is “flawless”. I use it on a daily basis. Even in my Spanish interactions. People whom I talk to for more than 5 minutes are people I love and love me back, so they get used and well simply get it. I mix both languages. I love beautiful talking, and writing. I love lyrics and a good novel.

And I love when your lyrics make sense to me, you flawless random musician I love



Ohh it suits in a lovelee way with my new theme! Great. Awesome right?
This blog is going to be so successfull I can’t even. Ups, Tumblr leak ♥
I love music.
Bands that have changed my life in a certain way or another:
Los Piojos
Guns n Roses
Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota
30 Seconds to Mars
Linkin Park

Umm well, I warned you this was nonsense

The other day I think I created a new English expression. ’cause, and just for you to know, this beautiful English isn’t my mother language, which is Spanish. I MAY MAKE MISTAKES! may May may, oh may fucking God.
Yeah well I go random. The expression was “nuttie baddie”. It’s new right? I didn’t know how to express what I was feeling when I wished Brad Delson a happy birthday on Mars’ VyRT.
It isn’t in the bad way though. I just thought it was foolish and funny after I did it. I felt like… yeahhh you badass girl
I warned you reader!

Bye, “xo-xo”.