Ohh it suits in a lovelee way with my new theme! Great. Awesome right?
This blog is going to be so successfull I can’t even. Ups, Tumblr leak ♥
I love music.
Bands that have changed my life in a certain way or another:
Los Piojos
Guns n Roses
Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota
30 Seconds to Mars
Linkin Park

Umm well, I warned you this was nonsense

The other day I think I created a new English expression. ’cause, and just for you to know, this beautiful English isn’t my mother language, which is Spanish. I MAY MAKE MISTAKES! may May may, oh may fucking God.
Yeah well I go random. The expression was “nuttie baddie”. It’s new right? I didn’t know how to express what I was feeling when I wished Brad Delson a happy birthday on Mars’ VyRT.
It isn’t in the bad way though. I just thought it was foolish and funny after I did it. I felt like… yeahhh you badass girl
I warned you reader!

Bye, “xo-xo”.


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